Green environment

Left Cort Our group focus on the future of the upcoming generation in today’s competitive environment. Right Cort
BPSSUNS aim is to provide information to the people regarding the natural resources importance.
As human nature is destroying the natural resources day by day which is giving birth to global warming? So it our duty to stop it now or never the time will come to stop it.

Staying green is good for our future generation and keep this god made natural place as he made it. So we request every person feel to join us in helping is most well come to join our social work group.

We give best ways to make the use of natural resources as they will disappear one day if we don’t use them in a manner.

We are focused to Natural resources like (water, plants) and also help people how to do Recycling and stopping all those indirect elements which affects them like pollution, cutting forests, factories waste
to cannels.
Help needed people and poor.
BPSSUNS runs social works under the name of Skyrise Foundation. main objective is to help needed people and poor.